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cold air in kitchen exhaust

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  • cold air in kitchen exhaust

    having finally vented the exhaust fan of our over the stove mounted GE microwave, i am noticing a not insignificant amount of cold air seeping in. the unit exhausts to an outdoor wall cap with a sring loaded flap meant to keep out critters. the microwave has a similar metal flap that is opened by the exhaust air whenever the fan is activated. anyone here know of anything i could insert between the squirrel cage fan and the wall cap to reduce cold air infiltration? thanks.
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    Re: cold air in kitchen exhaust

    i have the same problem with the rental house i'm in.

    when the wind blows from a certain direction cold air spills in through the range hood.

    i know the louvers inside are working but they can't stop the cold air from coming in.

    i've been forced to stuff a plastic bag around the fan to prevent this.

    just be patient.

    there are alot of people on this forum with good advice.

    sorry i couldn't help you out.

    i just didn't want you to think you were being ignored.



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      Re: cold air in kitchen exhaust

      does anyone know of anywhere else i could look for this information?
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: cold air in kitchen exhaust

        It is a common problem. and I do not have a real answer,

        make sure the vent closer is not bent and is closing completely, and not have any build up on it keeping it open,
        possibly a better vent hood,

        the other possibility is to form some kind of shield around the vent to block the wind from it so it is not hit straight on,
        Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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          Re: cold air in kitchen exhaust

          the cold air is going to seek the warm no matter what... u need an air tight damper intalled with insulated pipe... which would be crazy for residetial... so i say break out the duct