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  • Best Electric Boiler?

    I do a lot of radiant floor installations for the company I work for with high efficiency modulating, condensing boilers or high efficiency condensing, modulating, boilers as a back up for a geothermal system. Sometimes we install electric boilers - we've installed a few Monitrons, Argos, and Thermolecs. The company I work for seems to be partial to thermolec as of late because they're relatively inexpensive and come with an outdoor reset. They also seem to have a good warranty and there's not too much that can go wrong with them.

    But now things are getting "personal." I might be buying my mom's house potentially, which is a small little rancher (about 1000 square feet), and I've thought about putting radiant floors in there by putting the O2 pex lines in the joist spaces which I've done in the field. For various reason I've figured a small electric boiler would best suit the application since most even small condensing boilers don't modulate down low enough to really offer continuous outputs at the heat losses I would anticipate in the shoulder seasons, which for VAncouver BC, is a lot (we don't spend a lot of time at, or near our peak design temperatures for heat loss, so having good modulating is important). Currently there is a mid efficiency furnace, cold laminate and cork floors (in the winter anyways), and a gas fireplace. The nice thing is the gas fireplace doesn't need any power if we lose power, which happens at times. And I figure I could even slightly underdesign the radiant system a little bit (I have my radiant/hydronic designers ticket as well) as the fireplace could take up the slack in extreme cold temperatures.

    So I'm curious what electric boilers you like? I'm thinking in the 3 to 6 kilowatt range. I suspect the heatloss will be around that much give or take (haven't done a proper one but just based on previous experience). Other then the boilers mentioned above, is there anything else? Anyone tried a Lion Electric boiler?