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Oil Furnace Ducting Question

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  • Oil Furnace Ducting Question

    I am doing a quick rehab on a small house with an oil furnace in the basement that was ducted 3' to a typical brick chimney stack. We removed the brick chimney do to deterioration and want to properly duct the small oil furnace thru the main floor and out the roof.

    Currently there is a single wall 8" duct to where the chimney was, can I extend that 8" single wall duct about 6' horizontal and about 3' up to connect with whatever pipe is recommended for running up thru a new wood studded chase on the main floor, thru the 3'-4' of attic space and out the roof?

    What would be an acceptable pipe for being buried inside the wall and thru the attic? I am hearing B-Vent or Metalbestos. Which can be used and why is this such a questionable answer. Oil has been around many years.

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    Re: Oil Furnace Ducting Question

    Call a licenced HVAC tech, your liability will not cover this type of work and if, if not when something happens the ins co will come after you first.
    "Do it so you can go to sleep at night."


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      Re: Oil Furnace Ducting Question

      It all depends on local and national codes...How far you are from combustibles and so forth you should probably as MS mentioned call a Heating tech out for this......


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        Re: Oil Furnace Ducting Question

        tripple wall SS pipe that runs like $150.00 a 3' x 6" dia section (or more now) Seriously get a heating contractor there before you do anything. could be that the ss pipe id not allowed in your area. could be the the building inspector has a cousin that owns a brick yard and will only let you put in a new chimney.

        research first before it bits you in the butt.


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          Re: Oil Furnace Ducting Question

          You have to run metalbestos ss pipe for oil. You can not run B vent or single wall. Cleanance to combustables is 6" for single wall, but it can only be run from the flue connector to the chimney, not as a chimney.


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            Re: Oil Furnace Ducting Question

            Ya you have to use a special and expensive pipe called all fuel. If you need any help with the job send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you.