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Trane Obstruction?

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  • Trane Obstruction?

    Replaced Trane Rotoloc compressor ( liquid bypass stuck open) Pressures unknown...

    Pulled out 9Lbs R-22 before swap...

    Replace compressor, charge in 9 lbs R-22 liquid bypass on new compressor opens... Liquid line from condenser starts freezing up....

    Yes, I said the liquid line is freezing up

    Pull cover off of condenser and see a small torpedo filter drier that is the flash point (ahhhhh obstruction). Pull little drier and put in a full size Sporlan.

    While working I happen to notice the data plate, Factory charge 5 lbs...

    This is not good at all....

    Start recharging after drier swap, things are going well until I hit my head pressure top end and am still below freezing on the suction (5.5 lbs with liquid bypass closed)

    WTF.... check blower airflow (supply and return good), Pull evap coil (clean)....
    Pull #80 orifice (clear)

    Here are my thoughts, Someone before me overcharged this system ( probably charged it while the bypass was opening) thinking it was just low charge, The origional problem was / is a system obstruction.

    I'm going to focus my attention on the evap coil ( partial clog at distributor) and go from there.

    Your thoughts?