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Tools needed in HVAC (Ontario, Canada)

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  • Tools needed in HVAC (Ontario, Canada)


    I am a new student working towards my G3, G2 and G1 license. Will also pursue
    refrigeration at a later time. I would like to buy some good quality and useful tools that should last me a while. I would really appreciate some feedback / suggestions from the pros. I will be starting work part time in the field and want to be prepared. I love tools


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    Re: Tools needed in HVAC (Ontario, Canada)

    Start with quality wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and such. You will need a good multimeter with amp probe. A decent set of gauges too. Don't buy cheap vac pumps or recovery units, save up for good stuff.


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      Re: Tools needed in HVAC (Ontario, Canada)

      Your local supply house should sell some pretty goood tools start there.

      All of us have our likes and dislikes, here are mine.

      1. Dont ever buy knock off crescent (adjustable) wrenches or channel locks (your knuckels will thank me.)

      2. Fluke brand multimeters, thermometers ect... ( lots of opinions on this one)

      3. Marsh or Imperial Glyceryn filled gauges. (JB Digital Manifold if ya got the $$$)

      4. I still use Klein hand tools though they are not what they used to be

      5. Ridgid tubing cutters

      6. Robinair Vac Pumps

      7. Appion G5 Twin recovery machine

      8. Dewalt cordless tools (drill, sawzall, impact driver)

      It's a start


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        Re: Tools needed in HVAC (Ontario, Canada)

        Hate to be a trader but search threads in You'll find very elaborate lists in there. Good luck in the trade.


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          Some common tools you may need are the followings:

          ***Battery-Powered Drill
          ***Electrical Testers
          ***The Sawzall
          ***Tape Measure
          ***Extension Cord
          ***Hex-Head Nut Drivers
          ***Caulking Gun
          ***Different types of Pliers
          ***Pipe Wrenches
          Some more tools e.g. Tin Snips or Aviators, Shears, Hand Seamers, Drive Bender etc. you will be in needed for sheet metal work.


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            Malco.. 5 blade crimper, adjustable hole cutter