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  • Propane sediment filter

    So here is my question for you all. My parents use a propane stove to heat theyre house. It has a remote thermostat. In order to have a hard wired thermostat the service tech for Blue Flame said they would need a propane sediment filter to do that. Or they would have issues down the road. Is it just me or does that sound like a complete crock?? Thanks in advance for the replys.

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    Re: Propane sediment filter

    NM found another post wich had a picture. Ive never heard them called sediment traps. Around these parts where i work everyone calls it a drip leg. Why things just cant have a standard name in the industry i dont know.


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      Re: Propane sediment filter

      They probably mean a "drip leg" which is used to carry off propane oil that accumulates in the tank and is carried throughout the piping. Propane companies sometimes refer to this oil as "Heavy Ends" it smells like a skunk
      and is almost impossible to remove from clothes or anything else the oil comes in contact with.
      Usually propane oil is not much of a problem with a vapor withdrawl, it almost always is an issue with liquid withdrawl where you would use a vaporizer.


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        Re: Propane sediment filter

        the only place I have seen a propane filter is when you use the liquid like in a motor conversion system, other wise I would think a drip leg would be enough, and if one would use a "filter" I would think you would want it before the regulator on the tank it self.

        filter or sediment trap or drip leg,
        should not have any bearing on the thermostat that I could see. as a thermostat is just a thermo activated electrical switch if there are just wires going between it and the furnace.

        In the regulators and valves as well as the orifices of gas equipment the passages are small, and if a debris problem exists you would have problems all ready, is my thinking. thermostat or not,

        I would ask what are wanting or charging for this "filter"?
        If the manufacture suggests it, if the cost is reasonable I can not see what it would hurt.

        (note: a drip or sentiment leg is just a short section of pipe capped, hanging down on a tee before the valve, to catch dirt or moisture).

        just have them show you in the install manual where this filter goes and what is it. If it not recommended by the manufacture then I would suggest a different service person, or company.
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