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FYI for you HVAC guys

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  • FYI for you HVAC guys

    Just in case you didn't already know, NEVER, and I mean NEVER, use a catch container that is the same as what you are currently drinking to bleed a furnace.

    FIL and I temporarily hooked up a garage furnace in the basement. Just enough to provide steady heat while we polyurethane the floors.

    I don't know jack about any type of furnace, so once fired up I felt pretty good about the install with FIL's guidance.

    I stood back to marvel our work and took a big swig of what I thought was beer.

    Luckily as soon as the warmth of 30 year old #2 touched my tongue the back of my throat clamped shut. all over the floor, and up to the kitchen for lots of rinsing.

    I wish I could blame it on the beer but it was only my second one. I guess I'm going to have to chalk this one up as DUMB A$S.

    As soon as I went my wife laughed her a$s off

    So, the next time your bleeding a furnace, have a laugh on me,
    it's well deserved
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    Re: FYI for you HVAC guys

    Jeez Gene, that was a Miller (clear) bottle. I could see if it was a Bud (brown) bottle. I grabbed the Bud bottle I thought was mine and someone had put a cigarette out in it. Funny how that gag reflex works, huh?


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      Re: FYI for you HVAC guys

      that cigarette improve the test of bud


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        Re: FYI for you HVAC guys

        now thats the high life. glad ur ok great story