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Munchkin Contender/Other Mod/con boilers

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  • Munchkin Contender/Other Mod/con boilers

    I've been looking at a few boilers for my own house. I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on the Munchkin Contender and other modulating and condensing boilers.

    I'm an apprentice plumber and the shop I work at also does heating/cooling. I don't do any of that but have helped on a few boiler installs. We've never installed a munchkin contender and I was mainly looking at it because of the low cost. My main concern is the reliability of the unit. I know from working on water heaters that a power vent water heater is going to usually need more repairs that turn out to be quite costly.

    I just don't want to be stuck with a huge repair bill in the future when I could get a simpler boiler which while using more fuel could last a lot longer.


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    Re: Munchkin Contender/Other Mod/con boilers

    The Munchkin Boiler is a sound boiler if you check the manifolds prior to start up, they have had leaking issues at the threads of the nipples & sensor fittings in the past and the manufacturers reps have had a couple of calls. This is not a major and once fixed does not seem to be any more of a problem. All modulating condensing boilers have one very big issue, Short Cylcling! if you do not size your boiler right, (make sure the smallest zone is equal to the lowest turn down firing rate, or as near as you can be) then you will need to use a buffer tank which will absorb the excess energy and use it more wisely. A small increase in installed cost but a great benifit for energy saving and reduction of wear on your boiler.
    Short Cycling may over heat your vent and possibly damage it and the heat exchanger.