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Gas leak detectors

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    if i want to do a real test, i use my digital manometer that is calibrated to .01'' WC. the gauge is so sensitive just touching the pipe and the warmth from your hand will make the gauge register an increase in pressure. watching the digital number rise or drop is a dead giveaway if the system is tight.

    meters are now padlocked shut. i pump up the system to actual line pressure of 7''. this is identical as the gas pressure. no need to cap off fixtures as it's not going to hurt anything downstream.

    now for a real gas test on new installations we are required a 10 psi air test.

    phoebe it is


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      Talk about pulling up an old thread!

      I also have a digital manometer which has a 0.01" WC resolution like Rick's but I have yet to use it on a gas line. I actually got it for analyzing my HVAC ductwork since I suspected the ductwork has issues which I have confirmed with tests. Mine is a dual port Feildpiece manometer which allows me to measure differential pressure and ESP directly.


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        Why dont you write to our regulators and ask them for advice. It should take about three years and a lot of embarrassment to get them to respond. Yes that is the Government Regulator known as ENERGY SAFE VICTORIA.
        The big issue at present is CO detectors. Absolute disgrace not to mention negligent in duty of care took nearly three years to react to a concern with cheap Chinese detectors. Oh well, worst case is someone dies.