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  • Aquastat question

    I have a combination wood-oil furnace which burns wood and has a fuel oil burner as a back-up. I have a Honeywell Dual Aquastat L-40181B. When the thermostat calls for heat, the circulating pump will kick on if the water temperature in the boiler is 140 degrees or higher, otherwise, the damper will open causing the fire to burn harder or the oil burner will kick on.
    I installed a outside wood stove which runs the water through a heat exchanger into the stove. The inside circulating pump has to run to get the water into the stove. I tied to lower the aquastat to 120 degrees but I am not sure if it is question is how to get the circulating pump to start pulling in the outside hot water when the water cools down inside and the thermostat calls for heat, without having the burner kick on...Do I install a new aquastat?...The present one is 30 yrs old or more...everything works well, except for that one little hitch...Thank You