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3rd floor barely getting warm

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  • 3rd floor barely getting warm

    Just got a townhouse with a new AC/ Furnace (duncan) in the basement. This heats 3 floors. The basement has all ducts closed and is still the warmest floor. The heat is barely reaching the third floor is will be 10-15 degrees colder than the basement. Is there anything that can be added to correct this? Different blower blade or motor? It is almost like the air isnt getting pushed to the top floor.. Anything made that can help draw air to the 3rd floor?

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    Re: 3rd floor barely getting warm

    There are booster fans that can be installed inside supply ducts but I doubt that's your real issue. If you go to the supply registers on the 3rd floor are you getting any air flow to speak of even if it's just luke warm? If you go to the 3rd floor return grills and hold a paper towel near them does the towel get sucked to the grill?

    What are heat levels like on the other (non basement) floors?

    If you haven't done so, be sure to close off any high up (on wall) supply registers and air returns. They are for AC and not heating.

    Question: Is the area near your furnace very warm most of the time? I wonder if you may have plugged up air filters? Have they been checked? Does the blower run?

    If you can do so try setting the fan switch on your thermostat to RUN rather than automatic. That should help mix air and allow for better temperature control.

    Please list things you have checked and tried to help with the problem.


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      Re: 3rd floor barely getting warm

      You need the duct system balanced is all. If the filters are clean and the evaporator is ok, you need to balance the dampers. NOT THE REGISTERS.
      If you don't have volume dampers, your in a tough spot. If your basement is warm by the way, get some foil tape or mastic (duct sealant) and seall up any and all supply air leaks. You can do the return too but just the big stuff is ok. Most air flow problems are bigger issues but duct leakage is an easy do-it-yourself project.
      Running your fan to ON will help a lot if you can stand the draft when the unit isn't heating.
      BTW, I assume you have a two story home with a basement right? Not three story.
      If you haven't in a while, consider having a pro come out to do a routine inspection and cleaning, and advise you more. If the price is right, have him fix it. OR do it your self. At least it'll be clean and proved safe!