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    Re: No Brazing?

    Originally posted by PlumbingSkool View Post
    That's kinda like asking "Why not copper"

    Because there is pex ;-)

    Everyone wants fast, cheap and faster
    My curiosity isn't about that Joe. I assume that anyway. I was always under the impression that HVAC lines had to be brazed because the pressures required it.

    Even Gear Junkie posted some pics of soldered lines that failed.

    I thought that even soldered lines had higher tensile strength/holding power than a comparable union.

    1) Brazing
    2) Solder
    3) Unions

    I know someone can probably find a Willy Wonka Super Union of some type that might be rated for 100,000 psi. But I'm referring to what appears to be the normal type union in the video. I would have never thought that it could hold the psi that HVAC requires.




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      Re: No Brazing?

      Less than 500 PSI is no sweat for mechanical connections on tubing.

      Most Swagelok and Parker double ferrule fittings are rated for at least 2400 psig in SS and 1800 psig (IIRC) for brass fittings.

      Flared connections are used all the time for years on car and truck hydraulic brake systems where they can see pressure in hundreds of pounds.

      I see nothing wrong with a flared connection in HVAC use. Quick and easy to form and makes up easy with a couple wrenches. Repairs are just as easy...cut off the bad flare and go again with a minimal of loss in length. No power tools needed either.
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        Re: No Brazing?

        Almost all connections on refrigeration evaps and condensers are flared and i also have done many mini-splits with no leaks,pressure is no problem with flares,and all the new ones are 410, so higher pressure.


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          Re: No Brazing?

          A flare is a great connection when made properly

          Ya gotta remember where the minisplit comes to us from (Asia / Europe).

          I have installed literally hundreds of these systems (Carrier Desertmaster and Chigo brands in a former life overseas).

          When you buy these systems overseas you also recieve a standard length preinsulated and preflared linset (or can purchase longer sets).

          The flare is a safer connection to make in most of the crazy places I have seen these installed overseas and the connection requires zero skill to assemble since the flare is premade.



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            Re: No Brazing?

            Our Hydraulic brakes are also flared. Stops a big Caddy pretty good
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              Re: No Brazing?

              So easy a SPAMMER CAN GET LOST


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                Re: No Brazing?

                Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
                Our Hydraulic brakes are also flared. Stops a big Caddy pretty good
                Yup, where is it gonna go, just keeps pushing it self tighter against the jamb nut.