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Hot Water Fan Convector Temperature Contro

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  • Hot Water Fan Convector Temperature Contro

    I have an outdoor boiler that is on a constant loop heating my house in the winter. I have installed a fan convector heater with two monflow t's in that loop. When I leave the fan convector on for an extended period it turns my basement into a sauna. I need some help with some type of temperature control? The fan convector will shut off on it's own when the water temperature drops below 130.

    I was thinking of sometype of zone vavle, with thermostat. I am unsure what parts i would need to make this all work. How can this setup be powered?

    Any help I can get with this would greatly be appreciated.


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    Re: Hot Water Fan Convector Temperature Contro

    The simplest thing to do is put a high voltage thermostat in the power line. Can get stat at Home Depot for about $20.