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continuous cycling furnace

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  • continuous cycling furnace

    This is my first submission to this group. I hope that you can help me. We have a gas furnace made by Central Environmental Systems (presumably now owned by York) that was installed in 1994. We have not had a problem until a month ago. The problem is intermittent. Typically, the furnace performs correctly for a day and then the problem returns. When we turn up the thermostat in the morning from 65 to 70 degrees, the furnace turns on and warms the house to 68 or 69 degrees, then turns off for two minutes. It then turns on again for 2 to 3 minutes, not long enough to change the temperature in the house, then turns off. This cycle will repeat indefinitely with no increase in the temperature in the house until we turn off the furnace. After waiting thirty minutes, we turn the furnace on again and it will perform for 30 to 60 minutes, warm up the house a few degrees, then start cycling again. The contractor who installed the furnace has been here numerous times for this problem. He has replaced the thermostat, the gas valve, the pilot assembly with flame sensor, and the ignition module (he says the module is the circuit board). In fact, he has replaced all of the items listed TWICE. We have only been charged once. The problem persists, but usually only every other day. Some days it works without a problem. The HVAC contractor says “I have changed everything but the paint.” What should we do?

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    Re: continuous cycling furnace

    Find another contractor because he's just a parts changer.

    Has he replaced the limit switch?
    Checked the blower for buildup?
    Proper air flow across the heat exchanger?


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      Re: continuous cycling furnace

      Has anyone checked the flue for blockages?


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        Re: continuous cycling furnace

        Airflow problem, bet ya a nickel!