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  • Chimney lining

    I have a duplex that has 2-40 gallon gas water heaters, and 2-65,000 btu 80 % forced air furnaces. The all vent up the chimney, and I am starting to see some condensation about half way up the chimney height when the weather warms up.
    So, I had 3 people come look at it and give me bids to line the chimney. It is a 30 foot chimney to the roof, each side is about 13 inches x 10 inches. All three agreed a 4" for the 2 water heaters, and a 5 " for the furnaces (?).
    Bid #1 wants to use stainless steel roll piping and pull it from the basement through the chimney. Bid #2 wants to put B-vent inside the chimney. Bid #3 says all that is needed since it is inside the brick chimney is single wall. He also suggested putting in the single wall and filling the rest of the chimney with concrete, he said in 15 years when the pipe starts to rust and erode, there will still be a flue through the cured concrete.(!)
    The stainless is the most expensive, followed closely by the B-vent. The single wall seems fishy to me. Can someone give me some guidance as to which way to go.

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    Re: Chimney lining

    I would go with the b-vent,for your best cost and function.
    Single wall pipe is not even a option,and it will rot out quick!(i cant believe someone even bid that).