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  • ODS pilot

    I have been working on my 450 sq ft hunting apt, all fall and winter its built inside of a old shop
    I have been heating it with a 1500 watt ceramic heater and it keeps it warm
    I put in a 10,000 btu infrared heater with a thermostat
    it doesn't have to run much but it will shut off after about 18 hr
    I only have 2 doors and i haven't cut the hole for the air conditioner yet
    I have2 exhaust fans one in the bath and one over the bar
    I built it thinking no mice inside so it is tight
    I ran a 1" pvc pipe down through a closet to the heater to give it a little air ..I ended up putting this 12 volt fan in the line to make it stay on
    How much oxygen does 10,000 btu burn a hour ?
    the fan puts out 420 cfh
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    Re: ODS pilot

    The supply fan is more then enough fresh air for a little 10K BTU Burner.

    Make sure you put in a CO detector as well


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      Re: ODS pilot

      Arkansas Gas Code Chapter 4 pg60 402.4.3 Unconfined Spaces
      Where appliances are installed in unconfined spaces, within a building of unusually tight construction,air for combustion, ventilation, and draft hood dilution must be obtained from outdoors or from spaces freely communicating with the outdoors. Under these conditions, a permanent opening or openings having a total free area of at least 19sq in. but not less than 1 sq. in per 5000 BTU per hour or total imput rating of all appliances shall be provided.