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    Re: IBC Boiler-New Installation

    Can we get real for a minute?

    First, you might want to read one of the most thorough and pertinent condensing boiler installation manuals ever written. It clearly explains the minimum flow rate required to maintain output at the preset design water temperature. Typical piping diagrams are included with references to specific pumps and their manufacturers. When a condensing boiler is making noise e.g. squealing, howling, growling or just jumping off the wall, it most certainly is a flow problem, but rarely can be attributed to the primary pump being too small. If one simply follows the recommended primary/secondary drawing found in every condensing boiler installation manual it is really hard to go astray.

    By the way, the primary pump should almost always be on the supply side of any low-mass boiler, as the symptoms described (flashing to steam) are the result of water being heated to phase change (steam) and back again (imploding) to its liquid state. By keeping the boiler at the highest pressure possible - see Henry's Law - you can keep a properly piped and pumped condensing boiler from flashing regardless of output.

    Since the IBC 15 - 150 is one of the most versatile boilers ever made with the one of the lowest minimum outputs available it is pretty easy to manage loads (did I mention that their are three different load control modules that can be individually programmed by temperature and percentage run time ) with less regard to flow than any other condensing boiler on the market.

    Big; I am curious as to how the you fouled the water side of a new boiler (other than the PRV, I see skill in your work)?

    Beyond this; having talked to at least one factory service technician from every manufacturer of every condensing boiler available in N. America, I will testify that the service advice from IBC is very nearly peerless.
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