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Honewell Vision Pro TH8000 changes temp randomly

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  • Honewell Vision Pro TH8000 changes temp randomly

    I purchased a central heat and air unit about 4 years ago and it came with a Honeywell VisionPRO TH8000 programmable thermostat. For the first few years it worked without a hitch. Then last fall it started randomly changing the temperature. At the time I was working night shift so I had it set to warm up to 72 at 5 pm and 7 am then go to 65 at 10 am and 7 pm. I noticed that it began changing to 72 anywhere between 2 and 4 pm. I tried changing the time, the temperature, replaced the batteries, everything I could think of and it didn't work. I finally changed it to only have 2 programmable time periods and that worked but was very inconvenient. So I went back to the 4 time periods and again it worked for a while and then began randomly changing the temperature again. I have since went back to working day shift and have noticed that it does the same thing at night. So apparently it's changing on it's own twice a day. Is this thermostat defective or is there something I'm missing?

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    Re: Honewell Vision Pro TH8000 changes temp randomly

    The 8000 series comes with EMR (Energy Management Recovery) enabled. What this does is start the heating or cooling operation earlier than your setpoint with the design of being at that temp at the time you desired. As days go by it self learns and adjusts its start times. By changing batteries some times, changing program and so on it requires time to relearn. Also as seasons change it may take longer or shorter to get to that temp and again will start earlier or later the next programmed period.

    This function can be disabled, however then you need to guess how early to start it to be at the desired temp, that being said most like the EMR fuction and leave it on.

    Just a guess that's what is happening to you