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Static Pressure Loss in HVAC Duct?

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  • Static Pressure Loss in HVAC Duct?

    Hi Folks - I know I belong on the woodworking site, but am hoping one of you HVAC types can help me out. Does anyone know the static pressure (SP) loss when pulling vacuum (a dust collector system) through common 4", 5", and 6" round duct (for example, the rigid duct used for dryer venting). I assume the smooth wall part is similar to other ducts (for example, spiral), but I don't know if the crimp end joints cost me a lot more SP loss than smoother joints. And, what about fittings - same concern? Assume velocity = 3500 to 4000 ft/min with 350 to 500 CFM flow.

    Thanx Jim Finnegan

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    Re: Static Pressure Loss in HVAC Duct?

    Would negative pressure suffer from pressure loss???

    I think in dust collection you would be all about velocity ie... below a certain velocity your solids would fall out of suspension.

    If this is the case when it comes to suction the smaller the better (to a point), 900 FPM as a velocity rings a bell when it comes to dust collection but don't quote me on that