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    I'm the homeowner and need to replace my 30 year old central AC. Compressor outside, air handler in the attic. One installer tells me that I need to replace the lineset because the new refrigerant is higher pressure than the old r-22 and will blow the soldered joints. New joints all need to be brazed, he says. (The existing lines run inside the house, concealed in the walls, all the way up to the attic. There are no leaks currently.)

    Another tells me that no, you CAN re-use the old lines, you just need to clean out the old lines with a kit that is provided by the manufacturer of the new equipment. He says the old copper tubing is thicker and better than the new stuff anyways.

    So what's the answer? I would like to use the old lines to save a couple bucks, but obviously don't want to create future problems. Any comments?

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    Re: replacement AC

    As long as any oil traps are removed or properly cleared, and the lines are the right size, you should be ok. I'm not sure of the tensile strength of solder but honestly if you can replace the lines you should. Brazing is preferred even in R-22 systems.
    Cheaper is NEVER better when it comes to doing a job the right way. If you choose not to do the lines, and they leak, don't you dare call the installer back and expect a warranty. If it goes flat or worse, pulls a vacuum, your screwed with the new oil in 410a systems. It's very hygroscopic and will be a pain to try and salvage. Wouldn't you also want the warranty to cover everything?
    You can do a line set exterior hidden in a gutter to your attic. You'll be glad you did!


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      Re: replacement AC

      i would go with new ones that way there the right size ,new and insulated better
      the old copper and the new copper are the same thickness
      and you know that on the first hot hot day the old lines will leak
      the old saying do it right the first time or pay me now or pay more later

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        Re: replacement AC

        I would replace the line-set if possible. If there is a leak there is no warranty. You will be paying to have it done right again.


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          Re: replacement AC

          Replace line sets. 410 runs to high a pressure to trust solder.