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  • New Bryant AC

    I had to replace my AC. Got (2) bids. both recommended 126Bna036 3 ton 16.0 SEER units. Matched with CNPVP cased evaporator coil (N coil). Combination matched with my Evolution variable speed furance got me the 30% tax rebate.

    However, both contractors found out the AHRI program changed and combination is no longer eligible. I went forward and had them install the new equipment anyways.

    Got home and they installed the 126B unit (energy star sticker says 14.5 SEER). However, they did not install the CNPVP as the original quote. They installed a HE47936 coil into a hand made sheet metal case.

    Did I get screwed? Thought I was getting the identical equipment quoted under the tax program, but once I was not eligible I think they substituted cheaper equipment???

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    Re: New Bryant AC

    Sounds fishy...

    Did you pay already?

    Ask the installing company to explain and ask for a cheaper price or a refund for the non quoted equipment if it is below the estimated equipment specs.


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      Re: New Bryant AC

      A 14.5 seer condenser (size matters ) with the proper evap, txv, and variable can get you 16 seer. If those specific model numbers are in ARI, it qualifies....if it isn't in doesn't.
      Why on earth wouldn't you hold up the job to find a company with a brand that would qualify........1500.00 lesson learned I say.
      Too bad

      FYI, My lennox XC14-030 got me 1500.00 and that's good cause, well, I like money.