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new tx a/c heat unit

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  • new tx a/c heat unit

    Iam able to limp along for a month my old unit but need a new 2 ton roof mount a/c heat unit for condo in corpus tx. I nneed the wise sages advise on this purchase. Electric rate is 11cents no Ng available

    Energy Star _ Worth the extra cost or not - The inial estimate was 4k
    for pkg unit and in side equipment fan ect.for inepensive non ES unit
    If not ES what efficiancy ? i am willing to invest money for later returns
    What brand - There are a lot of rebate and brands - there are also a lot of complaints = are generally all good and reliable and just one bad apple like aosmith in water heaters or is there more problems.
    Never saw a major purchase with so little unbiased info available. For all who can help me thank you so much - I will try to help in my fields all you in the coming months Mike and Kris