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What is it? BE BGTA924K1

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  • What is it? BE BGTA924K1

    This unit is in a condo I am looking at possibly making an offer on. Appears to be a split condensing unit. It is wall mounted in a closet, there is a large grill flush with the outside wall. It is not a package unit, there is a furnace with coil in the same closet.
    This GE unit is abandoned...the coppers are cut off. A conventional condensing unit is installed on the ground outside the closet, and is operational. I don't know the tons on any of this. Would it be like 9 seer and 2 ton?? A label on it does say R-22. And I am concerned that the outdoor unit may be installed without permission. The condo is empty, fixer, bank owned, so who knows what the previous owner did.
    Question is this: if I buy in, and the HOA makes me get rid of the outside unit, does anyone still make that wall mount type of condensing unit?