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    We have been using WinTac Pro for a little over a year and are still trying to figure out parts of the program. We are currently having a problem with the previous day's schedule disappearing from the dispatch board and we can't look back to overview who did what where.

    Can any one shed some light?

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    Re: WinTac Pro

    Hi Gallison, we have been using Wintac for about 10 years and might be able to help you. The jobs appear on the dispatch board based on the date that in input in the "Job date" of the WIP. If you change that date to the next day, it will not show up in the dispatch board of the previous day. We input our Techs time and a description of the work they performed in the Items and Amounts and this is how we track when they worked. You will need to input the day they worked in the Install Service Date box of the Items and Amounts screen. Hope this helps.