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Goodman HVAC Installation not producing water Arizona

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  • Goodman HVAC Installation not producing water Arizona

    I recently purchased a 3 ton Goodman SSZ140361 Heat Pump and air handler. The repair that I needed on my six year old 3 ton York system was almost as expensive as a total replacement. It had a leak in the evaporator coil and the motor was on it's last leg.

    The York system generated quite a bit of water that drained out of system via a long pvc tube. I measured more than a gallon a day.

    Since the new system was installed 3 weeks ago, I have not seen a single drop of water from the drain pipe. The air is cold ~62 degrees, so the split is around 17-20 degrees. I checked the pipes to see if they were clogged and I've inspected the air handler several times for leaks or other signs of moisture. In AZ, we run the HVAC quite a bit. I keep the temp at 80, which is comfortable.

    My question... why would the system not be producing water? Is this system just so efficient that it does not produce water, or is the temp in the attic high enough to evaporate the water?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Goodman HVAC Installation not producing water Arizona

    Have the installer come back and check the superheat or subcooling. May be a slightly low charge. There's enough refrigerant in the system to remove the sensible heat but not enough to remove the latent heat.
    Don't know what the relative humidity is in your area? I assume it's quite low compared to what I deal with.
    You should be making a little juice with normal indoor activities like cooking, and laundry.