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    What manufacture does everyone use?

    I'm a Columbia dealer, but have installed Peerless, and New Yorker. We are a Columbia dealer because they are right down the road, and if there are any problems with their units, they stand behind it. Plus..they basement deliver their boilers..and that's a plus.

    Peerless is down the road as well..but they don't deliver, and if I'm correct you can't deal with the factory directly like Columbia.

    Columbia (Boyertown Furnace) came out with the Solaia boiler(similar to Biasi boiler), and I really like the Euro design. We just installed one this summer and I'm really impressed with it for the most part. I'm not a cast iron fan (unless it's NOT summer/winter hook up) and this particular boiler is making me think twice now for using cast iron all the time.

    What's everyone else using?