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Short Cycling Steam Boiler problem

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  • Short Cycling Steam Boiler problem

    I have a 3 unit apartment with seperate utiities running on oil burners with steam heat. I currently have a peerless ect-03-100-sp for the second unit, with a beckett/honeywell burner and digital thermostat, IBR rating is 90000 btu/hour of steam and 105000 btu/hour water. This unit is 5 years old and is heating a second floor apartment about 1000 sq/ft. Old windows with storm windows in a 90 year old blown insulated building.
    The unit starts well and heats quickly, but once heated the boiler begins to run for a few minutes at a time then kick off for about 5 minutes. then it kicks on again repeatedly throughout the evening at about the same intervals.
    The unit was cleaned and adjusted recently but there has been no change, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Short Cycling Steam Boiler problem

    Load is to small for the boiler. Down fire the boiler a bit to make the run cycles longer.


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      Re: Short Cycling Steam Boiler problem

      Sounds like a sediment issue to me, probably needs a good flush. contact a licensed pro
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