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  • Bathroom Exhaust Ducting

    Hi everyone,
    I'm remodeling my home in the California Bay Area (mild climate) and must install exhaust fans in all bathrooms, regardless of the existing windows. I have my fans, Broan 744SFL, and I'm plotting their positions. All fans will terminate by wall caps, not through the roof. My questions are:

    1. How far from a window can the wall cap be? I've seen various distances mentioned, but it seems that 3' is the most popular. Is there a code reference on this in California? (I've called my building inspection dept, left a voicemail and have not received a call back.) Is the distance taken from the vent part of the window?

    2. Is aluminum flex ok? My laundry room has that now and it seems to work ok. One fan location is very close to the exterior wall, no attic option, and it looks like the flex stuff would be my only option due to the proximity of the fan to the wall.

    3. Would one wall cap be ok to connect two back to back bathrooms? These are 2nd floor baths and the ducting would go through the attic to a gable wall where I could use a wye and one wall cap. Is this allowed by code? If so, can someone cite the code? Would the wye and wall cap need to be larger in diameter to accommodate the two branches?

    Hope someone can help.