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AC condensation drain question

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  • AC condensation drain question

    I'm new to the forum, and have what's probably pretty dumb questions, but here goes. My air handler has two drain pipes connected to it. One goes to an outside wall, down and exits at the bottom of the wall. The other goes to the outside wall and exits at the top of the wall.

    In previous years, all the condensation water was draining out through the pipe with the lower exit point, and was run off through some rock ground cover. This year when I came back after being gone for the summer, all the condensation is draining through the upper exit pipe and staining the wall. I've looked at the unit, and there is no water in the overflow pan.

    So my questions; 1) Why would it change? 2) Is this normal? 3) Am I looking at damaging anything if I leave it this way and simply hook up a runoff pipe to keep from staining the wall?

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    Re: AC condensation drain question

    The lower drain is stopped up
    And its going out your emergency drain line up high so you will notice it
    and get it fixed