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Sealing off copper tubing on AC unit help?

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  • Sealing off copper tubing on AC unit help?

    I have a central air unit on the roof of a 3 story townhouse and the gas furnace is in the basement. The tubing runs up the exterior back wall of the property attached by ½” clamps. I need to make an emergency repair of the wall and need to remove a length of the tubing to facilitate the wall repair.

    Is it possible to pinch the copper tubing in a couple of places then solder the edge of the copper tubing to seal it as not to let the refrigerant escape? Short of having a HVAC person comes out (difficult scheduling as my HVAC person is scheduled out a little more than a week due to the cold weather here).

    Come spring the unit on the roof will be moved to the ground level closer to the gas furnace and therefore the tubing will no longer be running up the wall.

    K. Nezz

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    Re: Sealing off copper tubing on AC unit help?

    No. It won't work. If you can't get your regular guy hire someone else who is licensed to do HVAC work. You are not qualified and would face big fines if you did this work yourself.
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      Re: Sealing off copper tubing on AC unit help?

      Since it's cold most of the refigerant will be in the condenser. You can close the service valves at the condenser and have your HVAC person recover what little refrigerant is left in the lines. It shouldn't take very long to accomplish.



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        Re: Sealing off copper tubing on AC unit help?

        NO! The refrigerant is under high pressure, plus even if you could, burning frean creates mustard gas, you dont want to inhale that - trust me. I agree with james P, I would shut off the servive valves at the outdoor unit (hex keys needed) then if you cant recover the refigerant NOTE: THIS IS ILLEGAL you can slowly cut the tubing with tubing cutters until you pierce the copper and let the freon slow "leak" out. after you made your repair to the wall, using torches and 15% silver solder, braze in a 3/8" coupling, pressure test for leaks, then a good vaccum will have to be pulled. Open the linesup and turn on unit in a/c mode to add freon.