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Weil McClain Boiler not firing up - freezing, please help!

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  • Weil McClain Boiler not firing up - freezing, please help!

    Hello everyone,

    I have searched this forum extensively and haven't found a solution to my boiler issue, so if my question has already been answered, please link me to it.

    I have a Weil-McClain P-CG-5 boiler heater. It was working fine up until a couple days ago when I noticed it was getting rather chilly in the house. I went down in the basement and checked the pilot. It was on. The water circulates through the house but the burner(s) won't fire up to heat the water. I checked the thermostats and they both work fine. there is voltage at the boiler and to the thermostats. The thermostats are calling for heat but the water circulates but doesn't get warm. It is very cold here in Indiana, and I would greatly appreciate any sort of guidance in repairing this issue!



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    Re: Weil McClain Boiler not firing up - freezing, please help!

    Are you getting 24 volts to the gas valve? If not, one of your limit switches has likely tripped out.

    Check the spill switch. This is the one up on the draft diverter. Should have a small red button on it. Push it in. If it comes on your chimney is likey blocked. Have it checked.

    Check continuity across the roll-out switch. This is the sensor right in front of the burners to the left. These are 'one and done' switches. Means your heat exchanger is clogged or gas pressure issue. Don't jump this one out. Call a professional.