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Oil Boiler Firing Problem

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  • Oil Boiler Firing Problem

    I have a Burnham V-74T/Beckett Burner oil fired unit that recently failed to fire obviously creating a smelly mess. It has been cleaned throughout and the firing chamber liner replaced as of last monday 1/16/10. I noticed since then that there was a slight smell when in operation cycle that was not there previously. The boiler is located in the basement. Today it failed to fire again and I have shut it down. The service man will be back in the a.m. and I would like to know what other possibilities to look for. I know he adjusted the draft from the original setting.

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    Re: Oil Boiler Firing Problem

    Sounds to me like it's an air problem.

    Have him put his combustion analyzer on it.

    Too much air can blow the flame out.

    He also should make sure the tips on the electrodes have a 5/32 gap between them. If they are not set right, the burner won't fire right.

    Lastly, the nozzle could be fouled up again. Doesn't matter that it was just changed.
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