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Munchkin boiler question

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  • Munchkin boiler question

    is there a diference from the part Blocked Vent Pressure Switch part # 7250P-150 and the Air Pressure Switch part # 7250P-147
    now a little history bear with me cause I am only getting info over the phone but they have a munchkin 50m about 9 years old and it is starting to shut down it gave a code of 07 bloked air swith I think or bad air switch but when they unpluged the vacum hose from the switch and pluged it back in and turned the boiler back on it started working when they replaced the switch with aa new one they got the air switch # 7250P-147 but the old one looks more like the Bloked vent presure switch #7250P-150 . my question is there both air switches but are the on and off diferent cause the boiler wount work with the new switch but works with the old switch
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    Re: Munchkin boiler question

    One may be a positive pressure and the other a negative pressure switch. I have a Munchkin clone Peerless Pinnacle. I installed an upgraded factory control board (WMA) that came with a new positive pressure switch and had to remove the original negative switch.
    You need to find out if he gas an upgraded control. Don't just order off the original parts diagram.