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Tankless Water Heater venting

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  • Tankless Water Heater venting

    Hello, I need a non binding opinion for venting a tankless water heater. I can run stainless for two feet up and a 90 elbow into existing wall venting 3x10. It goes up 15' then out the roof (never been utilized) as an electric water heater was used. Is it FUNCTIONALLY FINE if not idea to install and run this water heater?

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    Re: Tankless Water Heater venting

    Most tankless Water Heaters (if they are non condensing models) use a concentric combustion air / venting system. If you have a condensing model PVC pipe is normally used.
    If you have no idea what these terms mean you should consider contacting a local licensed plumbing professional in your area. If all else fails read the manufacturers instructions