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? anyone hooked up old cast iron radiators to a new system

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  • ? anyone hooked up old cast iron radiators to a new system

    Im doing work on a turn of the century house and the guy wants his old cast iron radiators. reconnected theyve been out of use for twenty or so years.,. How would you flush them and whats the best way to connect "material of pipe, configuration how many rads on one loop" any recommendation for thermostats i dont do alot of heating kinda got roped into this job.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: ? anyone hooked up old cast iron radiators to a new system

    well you say roped into this job so do you do this type of work at all , im asking because if you never worked with old radiators before walk away
    you will need to take the fittings out of it and were they steam or hot water . you should test them for leaks first and then after they heat up they may still leak .
    for piping i would not loop them i would do first supply /last return piping on them .

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      Re: ? anyone hooked up old cast iron radiators to a new system

      aCTUALLY im pretty new at this heating stuff iv laid lots of kitec when i was doing commercial hated the stuff, laid lots of heat link hooked up a couple headers zone valves alot of the rookie stuff. iv recently taken over the company from my previous "BOSS" more like mentor he stayed away from heating, he was 65 spent every working day from 17 to last year plumbing mostly commercial shut downs usualy foreman and shop stewart possitions the guy taught me more in one day then 2 years with one of larger kingpin companys i was previously empoloyed buy. Long story short they were water not steam have tested them with 40lbs air "all but three of them anyway" no leaks i figure AIR will escape before water in theory before it was a coal fired boiler disconected in the late 80's from previous owner. im the first to admit i really dont know much about the topic my issue is i really appreciate the contractor whos doing the job he alwasy calls me and as a hundred percent faith in my ability to solve complicated problems i'm 25 yrs old im the only red seal cerified plumber within 60km i really dont want to farm work out to my competion i dont care if i make money doing this job as long as i complete it works and i keep this customer and this contractor happy. its an electric boiler going in just any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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