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  • draft question.

    Homeowner here that normally just follows the jetter threads.

    I have a "Type RC" draft control that for some reason fell out of the duct. I have it re-installed but I'm not certain it is set correctly.

    There is a calibrated weight knob on it. But I do not know where/how it should be set. I assume the draft plate should be vertical and closing the duct when the furnace is off and should rotate and open when the furnace comes on. However wherever I set the knob/weight it is partially open when furnace is off, moves to a different partially open when furnace comes on.

    By "furnace" it is a hotwater boiler , Buderus brand.

    Any help?

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    Re: draft question.

    A draft regulator can only be set accurately by using a draft gauge. With most boilers and furnaces the draft over fire is set to -.02". The weight is a counter balance and as atmospheric conditions change the damper will open or close to maintain a constant draft over fire.


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      Re: draft question.

      Thanks for the info. Heating company was called and will be here Monday.