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    So the other day we found out that Columbia boiler is going to start using the Carlin EZ1 gas burner, as "Heat Wise" shut their doors unexpectedly overnight. We have 2 gas boiler installs coming up, and Columbia and Carlin are doing the finishing touches on the burner for Columbia's products.

    I liked Heat Wise as we never had an issue, and we are HUGE fans of Wayne's conversion gas burners over Midco, but we never encountered the Carlin gas burners before. We see their Oil burners once in a blue moon (Beckett is King here).

    I called Carlin today so I could log onto their "tech" side of their website, and their burners look exactly like an oil burner.

    Anyone here use or work on the Carlin EZ1 burner before? Any issues?

    Oil burners are still King in our area, but there are a ton of gas conversion burners in our area as well.

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    Re: Carlin Gas Burner

    I think you'll find that the Carlin gas burner is called the EZ-gas. The EZ-1 is an oil burner. The EZ-gas is built on the 99FRD oil burner chassis, is simple to set up and has proven to be very reliable. Energy Kinetics started using them about 9 years ago and have had good results with them on both new equipment and on oil to gas conversions.