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Low Water cut-off

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    Re: Low Water cut-off

    Originally posted by Flux View Post
    I know Oil burners (Beckett and Carlin) really well as that's what I mostly see, but I've never seen a waste oil burner before nor have I worked on one. Quite a few auto shops in my area have waste oil heaters, just never had the opportunity to bid on one yet. My buddy lives closer to the city, so he gets all the cool and interesting jobs.
    The older of the two units I have, has been in for years. The owner of the shop said he would have done one thing different and he added another item. He wished the holding tank had been mounted on an angle. He also installed a large truck oil filter on the supply line. None of those 2 aspects were mentioned in any manufacturers manuals.


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      Re: Low Water cut-off

      the boilers are teledyne laars and they are the same type that would be used for pools and could be set outside .this system is used for hot water coils and also a domestic hot water .the system is set up so if the hot water maker calls for heat it gets primary heat first .
      the boilers are also lead lag or if there is a high demand for heat they both will fire

      thanks Flux i do like doing this type of work and it is like art work for me so it has to look good i put my name on it


      the in side of the control box


      My seek the peek fundraiser page

      new work pictures 12/09