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Humidifier installed, furnace now struggling to make 68deg

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  • Humidifier installed, furnace now struggling to make 68deg

    I installed a honeywell he220a humidifier today here in 45deg SF.

    This cheap o humidifier was first choice cos this is a rental house and Im tired of waking up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.

    Anyway used insulated 7' ducting (6") to hook a tap to the humidifier and ran it tonight. The humidity is getting there, but the volume flow rate is down (probably because of the bypassed air) and the heater just cannot heat the house up.

    Its a Carrier 58ctx mounted in the really cold attic that has a lot of vents to the outside for some reason.

    Its only 45k BTU and this is a 12 sqft house, but it is not well insulated and the wood floor acts like a refridgerator.

    Before my marvelous install it could heat the place to 72deg without much difficulty and would run every 10 to 15 mins. Tonight it is struggling to make 68deg.

    I removed the small (one inch thick) amount of insulation from the top of supply plenum. I did this to install the take off, whIch is just bare metal and I did not insulate it. Since this is the hotest area of the ducting the tem difference is the greatest and I suspect some heat loss is happeneing here, but I don't know how significant that is.

    Next suspect is this humidifier. The "design" basically just flows cold water through a mesh screen at a fair clip and the bypass air pulls it into suspension. The excess water runs down a drain tube. This is not just a tiny tricle, so I am wonderin if I am in fact cooling the heated air substantailly with cold water enough to cause this issue?

    I could plumb hot water to this thing, but then I am heating large quantities of hot water most of which goes down the drain and the heat loss from the coper pipe to the humidifier would probably be north of 80%.

    Advice from the experts plz.