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  • electrical hum

    Hello Guys,
    I have a question I hope you can ease my mind a bit since my A/C man can not get here for awhile. I noticed a very light electrical humming sound where the fan motor is in my furnace/blower area. I turned off the breaker to the A/C and furnace and it was still there until I turned off the breaker to the motor. Everything is working fine so that is why I don't mind if he takes awhile to get to me. In the meantime what could this be and do you think it is a danger? I don't remember hearing it before, but to be honest I may not have noticed anyway as it is not very loud, you almost have to put your ear next to the unit to hear it. I appreciate your ideas and help and thanks in advance. Have a great Memorial Day especially all the Veterans out there.

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    Re: electrical hum

    It needs to be looked at but there is no danger. It is probably the fan motor going out possibly due to a bad spot in the windings or the shaft is binding up. Maybe the capacitor is bad and causing the motor to work really hard to start. Don't worry about it.
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      Re: electrical hum

      It could just be the transformer for your thermostat, if it is than a slight hum is normal
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        Re: electrical hum

        Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate the input and have watched it for more than a week and it has not changed. I was checking to see if there was anything new to report but everything seems the same. Everything is working fine so Gettinit I will take your advice and not worry about it as long as it keeps on working. WBrooks, I believe it may just be the transformer to the thermostat as it is a very low level hum that is always there. Anyway I appreciate your expertise and the answers.
        Take care,