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  • Minneapolis Duct Blaster

    The state of KY bought a couple of Minneapolis Duct Blasters for my HVAC program this past school year. Very cool piece of equipment designed to check the tightness of duct systems and duct connection points. I brought in a fog machine that I use for DJ gigs and used it with the duct blaster to show the importance of proper duct sealing. Anybody else out there using this type of test equipment on new construction or replacement systems?

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    Re: Minneapolis Duct Blaster

    This house I just moved into is new construction, and they used a machine similar to what you're talking about to test for the tightness of my HVAC system, and insulation of my home. I didn't get to see them test my house, but I saw them testing another new house in my development.

    I can honestly say that my home is very well insulated and energy efficient.