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  • filter question

    Guys I have an unusual question and I can't think of a better place to try and find the answer. I have an old room air filter that has a hepa filter in it. It is no longer made but works fine. The hepa filter needs replacing but they want more for it than the whole machine cost. I have a A/C supply guy who will make me a filter 2" thick that will fit in the machine out of the regular white pleated return air filter material. He was not sure about this question. Do you guys see any problems with replacing the hepa filter with the pleated return air filter material made to fit in its place? This is a bit out of the ordinary but if you have any suggestions or comments I would appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: filter question

    As long as you are happy with the reduced Merv rating, it should be ok.
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      Re: filter question

      Thanks Gittniet,
      I have decided to get a couple of regular filters and cut to fit and see if it will do alright before having the others made. What I was concerned about was overloading the little fan motor and causing a fire hazard or something. I can't believe Sears wanted $160 bucks to replace it and they recommend replacing yearly! Of course they were not that high when I first got it. Thanks again for your comment on this odd question.-TPS