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    HI frnds,
    I need your help… there is a office area with 2 cabins and a cubical area. in 2 cabins cassette units are used and in cubical ductable are used. for cubicals we are supplying air thru ducting and we are using free return . for cassette unite fresh air duct is there which is running thru free retun path. . Office is in pUne india condition pune Dry Bulb= 104 F; WB = 76 F; Inside condition which we have to maintain is DB = 71.6 F .
    I want to know that do we need to insulate the Fresh air duct as it is running thru return path (which is conditioned air) of air.... if yes why and if no why... and also do tell the procedure to find it out...

    Its urgent...

    Thanks all

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    Re: help required

    not entirely following all of the discussion, and not a Air conditioning expert,
    but if the air temp coming in the ducts, is below dew point, (cold enough for condensation to form on ducts, so it drips) , I would suggest it being insulated,

    according to this calculator web bulb dry bulb humidity calculator, your relative humidity is 36,

    this calculator for dew point, says the dew point is about 72F, so you may want to insulate them or you may have condensation on the ducts as to cool the place the temp of the duct most likely will be below the air temp,
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