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Burnham continuous ignition problem :Buzzing Noise

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    Re: Burnham continuous ignition problem :Buzzing Noise

    Follow up to Ign Buzzing problem on new Burnham Nat gas furnace (mod 203)

    Install plumber replaced ign flame sensor : problem remained.

    Plumber & Burnham rep chked problem , Burnham rep advised that parts house gave plumber wrong ign part. Part they gave was for funace mfgd after July 2012 that comply with DOE thermal Purge requirements. My furnace was mfg end of 2011 ( installed July 2012). Rep advised that buzzing problem is caused by failure of flame sensor to supply correct voltage back to control unit which in turn is causing gas valve solenoid to buzz. Rep stated that at this stage the gas valve, control unit,and flame sensor should all be replaced.

    Replacements were done on 11/28 so far buzz noise has not returned. After installation of new parts led read out on C/U flashes code that could be interrupted as internal error or L/voltage. I think we are not having correct understanding of flashes as they are continuous , I think they may actually be the default as they sequence with different counts ( 6 flashes = int error , 7 flashes low voltage) all C/U wiring is correct.
    Plumber is requesting that Burnham provide answer on C/U & provide new date for start of 1 year warranty. In about a week plumber will purge system and reconnect low water cutoff.
    I hope these are the last of my problems. I converted from oil (very old boiler & tank) to n/gas thinking I will be ahead of problems & although I am starting to have confidence in system it's a slow go as I never had any real problems with the old oil heat .
    Again ; Thanks to all.


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      Re: Burnham continuous ignition problem :Buzzing Noise

      glad to hear you think you have it solved BUT

      has anyone yet checked for low voltage or dirty voltage?

      ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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        Re: Burnham continuous ignition problem :Buzzing Noise

        Thanks for info plumberpunky. Check for low voltage was made at line from service panel & shows ok. As far as dirty voltage in terms I guess of s/wave or saw tooth type s/wave or something you would expect from portable generator; no I don't think that was chk'd but I will inquire. I am still concerned that E/ Control unit diagnostics LED continually flashes (with pauses & counts that could be interpreted as tbl. codes) while furnace is operating with no satisfactory explanation so far. BTW ec control is very similar to what you posted, just dif P/N.
        Thanks again.


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          Re: Burnham continuous ignition problem :Buzzing Noise

          Many controllers have a diagnostic light that blinks when everything is OK too. Usually at a "heartbeat" rate. Those controllers are bullet proof for the most part when in residential applications. I personally wouldn't worry about it.

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