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Add Baseboard Temp Probe As Furnace Thermostsat

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  • Add Baseboard Temp Probe As Furnace Thermostsat

    My finished walk-out basement is heated by an oil furnace and forced hot water baseboards. When I burn my wood stove all day in zero degree temps it is possible for some areas of my baseboard pipes to actually freeze up if my furnace does not run for six hours or more - don't ask me how I know this!

    To keep track of the baseboard temp I have taped a temperature probe attached to a digital thermometer to the most freeze-prone section of my baseboard. When the baseboard temp drops below 40° F I poke my wall thermostat to cycle the furnace.

    Now I am wondering if it would be possible to go a step further and wire a baseboard temp probe directly to a thermostat that would activate my furnace if the temp drops below 40° F. I already have two wall thermostats wired to my furnace (one upstairs and one downstairs, plus the hot water tank) so this would be a third (or fourth) thermostat on the furnace.

    A thermostat connection that operates over my home wi-fi network would be ideal since then I would not have to run a wire to my furnace - do these exist?

    Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Add Baseboard Temp Probe As Furnace Thermostsat

    dont know about a wireless one but you need something like this?

    Honeywell Aquastat Controller, L4006A1959, 120 Volt, Break On Rise. | Aquastat Controls | Honeywell | Valves & Controls

    40-180 degrees, strap on, 24/120 volt, break on temp rise.

    what i would do is set it to activate the pump. moving water does not freeze as readily. then you waste no fuel just to heat pipes.

    another option is to add antifreeze designed for boiler use to the water. the downfall is that it causes corrosion as it ages.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder