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Sleeve for chilled water pipe !

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  • Sleeve for chilled water pipe !

    Does an underground chilled water pipe entering a building through grade beam or a wall require any kind of pipe sleeve. If so, what should be the material of the sleeve if the pipe entering is carbon steel, Sch 40. Thanks

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    Re: Sleeve for chilled water pipe !

    Good practice would be to sleeve any and all services. Put some sort of flexible membrane between the two. The way I was taught was to look at all the materials and how they react to each other. Beter to spend now as opposed to paying for it later if it fails or there is a problem. As far as materials, stick a piece of plastic pipe through the wall and the sch.40 through that. Pump it full of space-invader or similar expanding foam, or if you have room lag it with proper materials and seal off