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  • Garage heater questions

    I have a Reznor FE-100 heater hanging in my garage. It is 100,000 BTUs and is too large for the amount of space I heat. My main garage area is 4912 cubic feet and I ocassionally will open the door up to my workshop which is another 1038 cubic feet. I only use the heat when I am working out in the garage - I don't leave it on all the time.

    I am considering a Modine Hot Dawg 45,000 BTU heater because it is a much more compact unit which will heat more evenly, not have the large swings in temperature, and give me more overhead clearance. According to Modine, 45,000 BTUs should be more than enough to heat the volume of air in my garage.

    Will there be any cost savings using a smaller heater? The smaller heater will run more often than the big one but when it is running, it will use less gas but I'm wondering how much less gas (if any).

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    Re: Garage heater questions

    there will be cost savings. the smaller one will run more often but only because it's needed, not because it's overheated and pushes residual heat into the room (over heating the room). there should be less short cycling and stress on the smaller heater. it's hard to calculate the savings, but you will have them.

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      Re: Garage heater questions

      Good choice on the Hot Dawg heater it is a closed chamber heater so if there is wood dust it wont affect it or gas fumes

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        Re: Garage heater questions

        Thanks for the info. guys. The primary reason I am considering replacing the heater is for clearance. I can't open the hood of a car without it hitting the Reznor heater due to the height of the heater. The Reznor heater has been a very good unit over the last 16 years. In my last house, I had it mounted in the corner where the clearance was not a problem. In my current house, I could not mount it in the corner due to the layout of the garage. The only place I could mount it was along the back wall of the garage and with the unit as far up as it could be mounted (maintaining the minimum distance to the ceiling) I only have about 6'8" of clearance under the unit and it would interfere with an open car hood on a full size car.

        My buddy has a Hot Dawg heater in his garage and I was impressed with the quiet operation and the maximum floor clearance. The Reznor unit is a very good unit but it is not the most practical in my current location. I have it up for sale and it is still installed so I can demonstrate it to prospective buyers. I even have the LP conversion kit for it so it should make someone a nice unit.


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          Re: Garage heater questions

          Just an update:

          I sold the Reznor heater back in February and bought the Hot Dawg 45,000 BTU unit. I am very pleased with the unit. It heats the garage much more evenly than the 100,000 BTU Reznor unit and I really like the fact that it mounts 1" from the ceiling. It was COLD when I was installing the unit. I needed to shorten up the gas pipe - once the vent was hooked up, I used an extension cord to get power to the unit, jumped the thermostat terminals, and used a dryer flex line to temporarily connect the gas supply. I then let the unit run enough to heat up the garage and then disconnected the extension cord and flex line and completed the installation. That was MUCH better than freezing in the garage while completing the install.