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  • AC condensation pump

    We have had several instances where our condensation pump simply can't keep up. It was so bad that we've had to replace the hardwood floor in our hallway three times. (The plumbers kept digging up the concrete slab, thinking the leak was under there. We have since run our plumbing through the attic). The hose from the pump is set up to drain the water up into our attic into a drainage pipe. However, the water never gets there. It overflows the drain pan and leaks into our hallway.

    My question is this: is there an alternative to the ceiling drain? Would it be safe/legal/up-to-code to drill a hole in the slab and just let it drain under there? The bathtub is adjacent to the AC closet. Could I tap into the bath drain? Or should I just get a stronger pump? (We definitely don't want to replace the floor again.)

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    Re: AC condensation pump

    most condensate pumps have a low head, meaning they cant push water very high. the pump i most commonly use has a shutoff head of 27 feet. that means, zero flow at 27 feet...but the lower the drain, the higher the flow. you *should" be able to drain under the slab but it may cause other problems. the better option is to tie into an existing drain. the new drain will require it's own trap, as well as an air gap between the end of the condensate pump and the drain inlet. consider also a drain pan alarm. most alarms have a dry switch that you can tie the ac wiring into. when the alarm trips, the ac shuts off.

    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder