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  • what size mini plit

    Need help on getting the right size mini split for my sunroom, it is 12x28 faces west has windows on three sides. Also is a pioneer a pretty good brand mini split? Thanks for any help. ken

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    Re: what size mini plit

    im used to dealing with lennox or mitsubishi mini-splits and have no idea about pioneer. it would be very hard for anyone to recommend a size based on a description alone. a proper heat load calculation can be performed by any competent hvac person and they would have to inspect the area to be cooled. it will probably cost as calculations are time consuming. there are too many variables to consider - insulation type and quality, window type and quality, framing structure, reflective heat loads, ground and roof penetration, etc. With many windows you may find that you cannot adequately chill the room and other things such as window shading or tinting will help. also consider a heat pump unit. this would be effective in heating the area if it becomes chilly in the wintertime.

    be aware that you will be required to have a federal refrigeration license in order to legally purchase and install such a system. because a company sells it on the internet does not necessarily make it legal.

    anyone that says you need X unit, based upon your description alone, is truly doing you a disservice.

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      Re: what size mini plit

      Need a heat calc done to size properly as has been said.
      But just for reference we have a 3 season room(dbl insulated glass but no thermal breaks in the aluminum frame),
      16'x16', all glass on three sides which faces east, so shaded partly in the afternoon.

      We have a 1-1/2 ton Sanyo Mini-Split Heat Pump and it works great.

      If I come home and its 90+ out there I can turn it on and in less then 15 minutes it will be down to the upper 70s.
      In the winter we can use the room until Christmas as it does not get too cold here then, down in the 30 or 20 at night on average.
      The heat works great too and will bring the room temp up to over 60 from the mid 30s in about 20 minutes and easily maintains
      the temperature level. This is a 220v unit, draws 7A I think.

      Click image for larger version

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      I have another one in my shop and it works well there too. Shop is 24x24 garage space insulated walls and 10.5 foot ceiling.
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        Re: what size mini plit

        thank you guys for the response I was thinking a ton and half would be about right, my windows are that low E gas but still a lot of heat loss I would assume, A friend who is a cerified HVAC installed my home unit which is an amana seems to be working fine I haven't heard a whole lot about them. My wife was hoping to use the room year round our temps in st. louis is similar to yours. thanks all. ken