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Fujitsu Mini Split 2 Zone - Flare Fitting Failure and complete discharge

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  • Fujitsu Mini Split 2 Zone - Flare Fitting Failure and complete discharge

    Hello Folks. I have a simple question - well I thought it was simple. I have completed the Fujitsu course pertaining to installation and servicing the ducted mini spits.. Will that said I could not tell you exactly how to charge a system that has been completely discharged (Flare Fitting Line was knocked off).

    Here's my question.. I have pressure tested the repair and the entire system it hold over 300 psig - M question is about proper charging for this unit. Some of the other mini splits I have worked on have the main charging port inside the unit. This unit does not appear to have that. What it does have is a set of 2 way valves with no charging port and a set of three way vales with a charging port on the low side - one for each ducted unit.

    To charge this thing do I evacuate the first zone and close it off. And then evacuate the second zone and charge the entire load into the second set of zone. I am olso confused as to what it the purpose of the 2 way values... I have charged many systems but this one I don't get. All the charging ports on the other 410 systems I've done were on the inside with charging ports for just the line charges..



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    Re: Fujitsu Mini Split 2 Zone - Flare Fitting Failure and complete discharge

    I'm not completely sure of charging of a multi-port system. However, in single port systems the unit is evacuated and the entire factory charge, by weight, is replaced, with allowances made for line size, length, and additional parts. The best mode of attack is to obtain a copy of the manufacturer's install and maintenance guide or call your local supply rep for advice.

    It takes much force to 'knock off' a flare fitting. Unless the flare was poorly made, there may be other hidden damage to the unit or piping. You have not stated whether or not you are EPA certified to work with refrigerants. A mini-split course alone does not provide this and there are a minimum of 3 basic tiers of this license. You may be better off to call someone with more knowledge to help with your problem.

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